What We Do

We certify leaders, managers, and team members who are passionate about learning AND implementing trauma-informed approaches in the workplace to promote wellness. Expand your organization by learning from an organization that has trained over 15,000 in trauma-informed practices. Our workshops are extremely engaging and present real-world, practical examples that successfully translate to the workplace across sectors, whether in person or live online.

Why Get Certified?


    Trauma learning can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be.

    Learning about trauma and its impact is great and when you become certified, you learn about the science behind trauma and what to do about it so that you can experience real positive change and relief in the workplace and in your own personal life.


    But you or your team need resources!

    The beauty about becoming trauma-informed certified is that you do not have to be a mental health professional, therapist, or clinicians. This information has been careful crafted for anyone in the workplace to learn and advocate for trauma-informed approaches that in turn promote wellbeing.


    Take your career or your business to the next level

    We have helped hundreds of people become more trauma-aware and find new passions in solution-focus career. With our certifications you gain skills that make you stand out from competitors in the workforce.

What You Need To Know

  • Trauma-Informed (TI) Certifications range from 1-4 day trainings that are offered virtually.

  • After completing each the course you will be eligible to take the certifying Knowledge Assessment.

  • You must pass the Knowledge Assessment with a score of 85 or above to receive your certification.

  • You must wait 30 days before completing the next level certification.

  • Payment is upfront is required and is non-refundable/non-transferable.

  • Certifications must be renewed every two-years.

  • If you have never received one of our certifications, you must begin with CTI Advocate course.

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