Equip your child with skills to navigate challenges

Enhance your patience and compassion as a caregiver

Strengthen the bond with your child through shared learning experiences

Unlock the Power of Resilience with Nahla and Amy-G

Dive into the world of Nahla and Amy-G, where children learn to manage stress and challenges while adults cultivate patience and compassion. This resource is designed to equip you and your child with tools to overcome adversity and strengthen your bond. Join us on a journey of resilience and growth with the creators of Nahla and Amy-G. Learn how Vernisha and Nahla Skye are dedicated to helping children and adults navigate life's challenges with compassion and connection.

Listen's to Vernisha's TEDx Talk about Nahla and Amy-G

Meet Vernisha Crawford and Nahla Skye

Listen to Vernisha introduce Nahla and Amy-G in her TEDx Talk "When Work and Wellness Collide".

Empower Your Child and Yourself with Resilience

Discover tools to help your child manage stress and life challenges while enhancing your own patience and compassion. Join us in building a stronger connection with your child.

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